Client’s request:


 Our boss is leaving and we want to provide him with a farewell gift.  We want to present this to him next Wednesday…possible?  We can get photos to you tomorrow latest.

 An idea is that we have the Singapore skyline in the background on one side, our boss on a Segway in the middle heading towards London’s cityscape on the otherside?

 Let us know?


One request – for the male (going to London) can we dress him in Blue Jeans?  Its an inside joke as he NEVER wears jeans



For the second project, it would be similar in design but a different person, and instead of going to London she is going to Chicago…can?

 See attached picture of both people (male= first project to London, woman is the second to Chicago.

More photos for project 2 to follow

Can we also request that the caricature be in black and white?