Cartoon.SG is an artists studio in Singapore, drawing caricatures professionally since 2008. We accept orders from photo or draw ‘live’ for entertainment at events, and parties. Our artists draw in both conventional as well as digital medium.

We operated caricature and face-painting stands at a theme park prior to Covid-19 pandemic. Currently we operate from our studio at Wisma Geylang Serai accepting online orders and teach the art of caricature in schools.

Our artists hail from reputable art institutions, given specialised in-house training and overseas exposure. We continually develop our skills and network with the artists community locally and abroad.

Kamal Dollah

Principal Artist

A renown artist and art educator in Singapore. Kamal’s career in visual arts began upon graduation from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1993. After 13 years of running a graphic design consultancy, he took sabbatical to attain his Master of Arts degree. He then re-lauched his career as an artist and art educator in 2007. He has taught at various schools and numerous universities.

The founder of Kamal Arts Limited (a non-profit art foundation), Kamal was awarded Artisan of the Year (2019) awarded by Rotary Club of Singapore.

Cartoon.SG artists have attended these international events:


  • ISCA convention in Reno, Nevada, USA 2007
  • ISCA convention in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 2008
  • Caricature-Japan training in Tokyo, Japan 2008
  • ISCA convention in Tokyo, Japan 2009
  • ISCA convention in Seoul, S Korea 2010
  • ISCA convention in Osaka, Japan 2011
  • ISCA convention in San Antonio, Texas, USA 2012
  • ISCA convention in Seoul, S Korea 2013
  • ISCA convention in Florida, USA 2013
  • ISCA convention in Reno, Nevada, USA 2014
  • ISCA convention in Nagoya, Japan 2015
  • Organised the ISCA convention in Singapore 2015
  • ISCA convention in Sandusky, Ohio, USA 2015
  • ISCA convention in Jeju, S Korea 2016
  • Nigaoe Grand Prix in Kyoto, Japan 2017
  • KOSCA convention in Busan, S Korea 2018
  • ISCA Korea – World Artist School Project, Jeju  S Korea 2018
  • Nigaoe Grand Prix in Osaka, Japan 2019
  • Kosca 7th Caricature Convention in Seoul, S Korea 2020
  • ISCA Con29 – Mailbox Mayhem, Online, International 2021


  • Face and Body Art International Convention, Florida, USA 2013
  • The Australian Body Art Awards, Melbourne, Australia 2014
  • The Australian Body Art Awards, Adelaide, Australia 2015
  • The Australian Body Art Awards, Melbourne, Australia 2016

Caricature drawing
is not just a job,
it is our passion.

Gold member

Cartoon.SG is a department of Kamal’s Artshop
(Singapore Business Registration no: 53167096A)


Please call the office at 63443369 for appointment and payment.

Can you come to my house on saturday 27 july 2013 afternoon 3.00p.m. and draw my face. please.

Hi Aveline, please do not leave inquiries in this comment box as it will goes unnoticed Drop us an email at admin@cartoonsg.wpcomstaging.com if you wish to inquire for more information for our service. Many thanks

Our company is having a family day event in September we would like to find out the charges of the caricatures.

Kamal Dollah came to my school today.He demonstrated how to draw caricature style and drew a picture for a teacher and a student from my school .

P.S. The student’s name is Wen Jie and she is from Primary 6.

Saw Kamal in action today @ Northpoint.
Love his style.
Wanted my son (birthday boy) to have his caricature done but long Q and rushing for Drum Class.

Hi i really need a caricature of my school principal, mr koh chin thong, martin urgently for his farewell gift, can u pls do it as soon as possible, thks, i need it my tuesday, 20/9/2011 i m from zhenghua primary school, thanks

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