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Farewell drawing gift to Commander

Strumming guitar and singing with the troopers

Handsome guardsman standing tall and proud by the Istana

Enjoying bubble tea while keeping up the good look and staying fit

Farewell mugshots to a lovely colleague

Retirement gift from the Police department

Appreciation gift to big boss

Japanese Boss getting ready for retirement

Big Boss looking forward to enjoy his favourite food, Jugs of Beer and Golfing

Golden trophy goes to the best boss

Thank you gift to the best bost.

Appreciation gift to Mr Bookworm

Drives to strive

Durian lover, Shopaholic, Fitness Enthusiast, BTS Fan

Farewell gift to an easy going lady boss

Farewell gift to the most awesome Boss

Boss in Black jacket same but different, look alike Kum Jung Eun

Lunching through the day

Closing sales, increasing revenue and a happy heart beats the day.

Ballerina in triathlon make to the finishing line

Dancing and running to the end while carrying bicycle with no great smile.

Farewell gift for IT geek

Thank you gift for colleague, IT personnel, forever IT geek.

Dip that cracker in the coffee

Electronic gadgets, office room, enjoying hot coffee with biscuit and an animal lover.

Folding arm numbers figures office meeting

Appreciation gift for lady in red dress, ” Achieving the goals”.

Mugshot Sweet Looking Baldy Boss

Headshot drawing for farewell gift

Golfer boss waving goodbye and welcome to more travelling

Sporty boss who loves travelling and golfing.

Best buddy gift

Man in black tuxedo suit, best buddy, relationship, buddy, wine, love in air

Appreciation SAF Army Guards

Thank you gift to captain for the leadership, friendship and motivational.

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