Hire a professional artist for your event!

Family day carnival, Pre-dinner cocktail, birthdays, office parties; or grab attention to your booth in a crowded trade exhibition. Your guests will be amazed to see our artist skillfully create humorous cartoon drawing of a person with lkeness in mere minutes. Call 63443369 for bookings.

Caricaturists always attract crowd Digital caricature at event

No two artists draw alike but we have a consistent standard required of our caricaturists to provide much coveted works of art with an entertaining experience. All our artists are full-time caricaturists at Singapore’s largest theme park so rest assure our artists are experts at event caricatures.

Here are various options for event caricature services:

Caricature on paper ($180 first hour/ $140 per subsequent hour)

We can draw with black marker or with colour on paper. The speed vary depending on drawing style and crowd movement. Our artists are known to draw up to 40 per hour at block parties in the heartlands. However, drawing at a slower speed of 15 person an hour would be more appropriate for gracious guests in a grand ballroom setting. Our engagement is by duration and not by number of drawings.
2014-03-28-Colour-events-caricature-by-caricaturists dell-caricature-event-07 20130427-172555.jpg 2014-06-08-PAssion-Arts-Garten-by-the-Green-aunties
A3 colour ~ 12 min                                      A4 colour ~ 8 min                                        A4 B/W shaded ~ 4 min                              A4 B/W line ~ 2 min

To make your event special, we can print the company logo and event message on the paper. We also provide option for pre-drawn body to be printed on the paper so we can effectively depict your event theme and draw more persons.

template-sample-superhero family-day-entertainment-guests family-day-entertainment-drawing


Digital Caricature ($230 first hour/ $180 per subsequent hour)

Drawing with a computer using Wacom tablet or iPad. Drawing is printed on 4R photo or A4 paper on-the spot and soft-copy is made downloadable from our website after the event. This service is especially popular at trade shows and is sure to create a bee line at your booth. Can be projected on onto a screen or monitor for all to see and be entertained (additional $100 for auxiliary display).

We have also assisted in the launch of new devices by demonstrating its drawing capabilities. Our artists are hi-tech savvy and adapt quickly to new technology.

ime-staff-day-digital-caricature-event-2 sony-caricature-live-event-digital-singapore-4 sony-live-digital-caricature-event-singapore-2


Some project are so unique we have to innovate a new way of doing things altogether. For example: Shrink art key chain, drawing on wine glasses and mugs, drawing with cosmetics for a launch of cosmetics products; murals with hundreds of people on it, etc. Whatever project you have, talk to us.

Call us at 6344 3369 or email: admin@kamaldollah.com for booking to avoid disappointments.