This returning client came back with a request for another birthday gift:

Hi Anna,

I would like to order another caricature for my dad’s 60th birthday. 

  • Full body A3 size with frame, delivery required (photo attached, my dad is in the middle)
  • Message: “Happy 60th Birthday Dad! Love, xxxx, xxxx & xxxx”
  • Description: Please show him holding a Lee Kuan Yew book in one hand and a squash racquet in the other hand
  •  Background: Is it possible to have half the background showing mountain/nature reserve and the other half showing Shaw Lido cinema (my dad likes to watch movies)
  • Outfit: Trekking gear/sports attire (no long pants please). Would also like to have a pair of movie tickets sticking out of the t-shirt/shorts pocket if possible.

Kindly confirm the cost so I can transfer the payment. Is it possible for the caricature to be ready by 30 May?