Returning client’s request:

Hi Kamal,

 Reaching out to you again. This time, my CEO, xxxx, is moving on from Maersk Line to a new role in Damco wef 1st July.

We want to present him a caricature drawing as a farewell gift at his appreciation reception on 10 June.

 As usual, we like your humorous drawings as always enjoyed by our colleagues. Could you kindly create one in:

A3 caricature

 Attached are some pictures and background info to assist in your work.

 We would like to show him in a meeting room, with a presentation slide in the background, speaking to his direct reports, with a word bubble next to his mouth, uttering his daily favourite one liner:

Quote –

Reality is… blah..blah..blah.. do you know what I mean?…


 In the foreground, you can draw outline of his direct reports (see organisation chart attached; the faces don’t have to be clear and precise), with another word bubble answering him back:

 Quote –

Yes we do!


 As you can see, he is a very fast runner and always comes in top 3 in our corporate charity 5K Runs.

 If you need anything further, do reach out. In the meantime, I shall leave you to create something interesting to enjoy.