Special Birthday Gift for Sporty Boss

Impressive Gift for Boss

Celebrate the most special day with a monumental birthday gift that is fun and thoughtful. Our high quality caricature is guaranteed to make a great impression on your boss.Create a one-of-a-kind gift for your mentors, managers or supervisors with us! Single person caricature with a bicycle and wearing helmet. Background : Greece landmark plus flag & some whiskey & beers. Insert text : Dear , Happy th birthday. Wishing you good health & happiness always !

Unique Birthday Gift for Photographer Boss

Thank You Gift for a Fantastic Boss

Workers showing appreciation for their boss’s support and leadership. A gift that is work appropriate and maintains professionalism. Express gratitude and show him what a truly great boss he is with this wonderful goodbye gift. Create a one-of-a-kind going away gift for your mentors, managers or supervisors with us! No muss, no fuss! A single person drawing next to Brompton bike, holding a camera. Background: Sunset and iconic Singapore landmarks. Outfit: Simple shirt and dark jeans. Insert sign wishing Boss a Happy Birthday.

A Band of fun musician playing instruments

A group caricature ordered by a company for this group of colleagues to be drawn as musicians! Fun and entertaining theme! It was a hilarious, full of movement caricature. One played Saxophone, one trumpet, one keyboard player and a drummer! It was a group of Rock Star!

Segway Surfing Boss And Casual Colleague Both Got A Farewell Gift Caricature Each

Client’s request:


 Our boss is leaving and we want to provide him with a farewell gift.  We want to present this to him next Wednesday…possible?  We can get photos to you tomorrow latest.

 An idea is that we have the Singapore skyline in the background on one side, our boss on a Segway in the middle heading towards London’s cityscape on the otherside?

 Let us know?


One request – for the male (going to London) can we dress him in Blue Jeans?  Its an inside joke as he NEVER wears jeans



For the second project, it would be similar in design but a different person, and instead of going to London she is going to Chicago…can?

 See attached picture of both people (male= first project to London, woman is the second to Chicago.

More photos for project 2 to follow

Can we also request that the caricature be in black and white?


Boardroom Setting Caricature For CEO Of Shipping Company

Returning client’s request:

Hi Kamal,

 Reaching out to you again. This time, my CEO, xxxx, is moving on from Maersk Line to a new role in Damco wef 1st July.

We want to present him a caricature drawing as a farewell gift at his appreciation reception on 10 June.

 As usual, we like your humorous drawings as always enjoyed by our colleagues. Could you kindly create one in:

A3 caricature

 Attached are some pictures and background info to assist in your work.

 We would like to show him in a meeting room, with a presentation slide in the background, speaking to his direct reports, with a word bubble next to his mouth, uttering his daily favourite one liner:

Quote –

Reality is… blah..blah..blah.. do you know what I mean?…


 In the foreground, you can draw outline of his direct reports (see organisation chart attached; the faces don’t have to be clear and precise), with another word bubble answering him back:

 Quote –

Yes we do!


 As you can see, he is a very fast runner and always comes in top 3 in our corporate charity 5K Runs.

 If you need anything further, do reach out. In the meantime, I shall leave you to create something interesting to enjoy.


Digital Caricature Gift For Air Force Colonel In His Office

The client has requested a caricature for a Superior Officer:

I would like to request a quote for a caricature. We require 2 copies of the drawn caricature, one in A3 and one in A4 size, both in colour and with background.

I have attached the image below. We have some requirements on your end when drawing the caricature.

1) Amend the date of the picture to (September 2009 – April 2014) without the brackets. Note the spelling error in the picture we provided.

2) Amend the Head of Air Manpower to Head Air Manpower

3) Straighten the jacket in the background with the rank.
Do indicate the estimated time of completion and payment method available.


Farewell Caricature for CEO of 7-11

This is a farewell gift for the CEO of 7-11 and they wanted a ‘big-gulp’ sized caricature. Our usual assignments are A4 or A3, but this is A1 size and there were lots of specific items in the gag. It shows all the different interests and achievements of this great man and also included some of his peculiarities.  As a result, the caricature is not only a funny gag, but an interesting narrative of his career. I did not realise that there were more than four hundred 7-11 stores in Singapore until I saw their corporate video for reference. So unlike the usual photo for reference, I was studying him by video which is better material but not easier.

Holy cow! Its Abigail Chay, the hottest babe in Singapore and she has yellow latex gloves with tongs in her hand eyeing for the ahem… Well this is subliminal messaging requested by his staff that I’m not privy to. Hmmm… a state worthy of analysis by Sigmund Freud I suppose.


American Football Caricature for Microsoft Boss

We are just happy that we got to do an American football theme. I got to draw like Jack Davis! He is a great inspiration when it come to drawing cartoon bodies. I grew up looking at Mad magazine and Jack was a key artist then and he drew a lot of American football players with his signature long feet in any position unimaginable.

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