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Army Guards Military Caricature Gift For Retirement

A customised special caricature gift for an army sergeant with the lite strike vehicle and helicopter hovering. A gift to remember.  

Thank you gift

Farewell for Police Officer Who Loves Coffee

Teacher who Enjoys Jogging with Ukelele and Terrarium

Farewell Gift for Japanese Friends Playing Basketball and SIA Uniforms

Japanese Boss Drinking Sake on a Boat to Mt Fuji

Tennis Player In Red Cape Smashing Favourite Vintage Wine

Caucasian Boss With Kung Fu Skills

Black Belt Taekwondo Boss Who Loves to Golf

Caricature For Leaving Boss Who Loves Travelling

What better way to show appreciation for your boss than a personalized caricature! The following are to form the background (Montage), these are the MUST have Great Wall of China, Burj al Arab, Eifel Tower… Singapore MBS Hotel & Casino… Continue Reading →

Cycling Colleague Outdoors With Battle Tank and Fighter Jet In The Background

The order requested for a caricature for their colleague 1.       to be on a bicycle wearing cycling shorts – somewhere outdoors in Singapore 2.       Holding dollar bills in a fist 3.       Have thought bubbles about ancient roman history/ face of… Continue Reading →

CEO and GM In Sports Attire Working In Office And Chinese Drums

The company requested fun caricatures of their GM and CEO doing fun activities!   We wish to proceed to have ​picture (full body) for our CEO & GM. Pls see photo attached. For our CEO, sports attire playing the chinese drum… Continue Reading →

Gift for a female boss who wore squarish spectacles and drinks coffee from a mug.

Gift Caricature From Students to Engineering Lecturer With Robot

Wondering what you could give someone as a farewell gift? How about a caricature? Here’s a request from students to present a gift to their teacher: Please draw him with the following requests: Background: Teacher’s staff table Top Background: Banner… Continue Reading →

Caricature For Boss Riding Bicycle With Staffs In Background

Customer ordered a caricature for their boss:   Many thanks for the below, I am just in the process of compiling all the head shots.   It will actually be 15 people now. Boss (in the middle) plus 14 headshots.  … Continue Reading →

Farewell Digital Caricature For Colleague Riding Plance With Merlion Background

Customer requested for a farewell caricature for colleague who is leaving. They asked for their colleague to be drawn -riding a place -merlion in the background  

Mugshot Caricature Thank You Gifts For Four Colleagues

Customer requested for four mugshot caricatures as a thank you gift. Along with your caricature, You can also request for us to insert a message in your order! Thank you, —– Love, Your DSMD  Family 2014

Farewell Caricature For Leaving Colleague In John Travolta’s Famous Pose

Give us your ideas and we’l draw it out for you! Photo label club st  x, Game and LY Bday x are meant to give the artist a good feel of the facial expression of Mr —–. Particularly Club St… Continue Reading →

Caricature For Colleague Riding On Plane With Merlion and Building In Background

You can choose to discuss your caricatures through the phone and tell us your ideas. We are looking for a work closer to the Caricature attached here. Also is the picture of the person- Mr. Sachdeva.We want to include the… Continue Reading →

Digital Caricature For Team With Different Characters

Customer requested for a caricature for the team: As discussed, I will go with Digital print on canvas plus wooden frame (3 sets).   The details for the character will be as follows: —–: Dress in Diver suit —–: New… Continue Reading →

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