Thoughtful Gift for Laboratory Technician Colleague/Co-worker

Wish your laboratory technician co worker all the best and good bye with the Best Farewell Gifts For Colleagues in Singapore. A perfect way to show how much you will miss your colleague is with a customisable gift caricature that includes memorabilia, inside jokes and farewell wishes. Bring a smile to their face with a personalised going away colleague gift before they leave for a new job. Single person caricature: holding a magic wand and pointing towards a magician hat with a syringe appearing out. The syringe to be drawn appears out of the hat. Outfit: To draw the lab coat, pants and shoes with the shoe-cover. Draw a bunny peeping out from vessel its paw holding on the item. Insert text: To draw just the TV and the webcam. To include message on the screen. Thank you for being an awesome leader and colleague. We will miss you. Best wishes in your future endeavour!