A Farewell Gift for Your Boss

A Unique Farewell Gift for Boss

Presenting boss with a token of appreciation for his services and contribution. Such a gift memoralises the meaningful time spent together. Drawings can include farewell wishes as requested! Single person caricature: Outfit: Half suit, half uniform. Background: flag and logo. Insert text: “RESOURCEFUL”, “WISE & KNOWLEDGEABLE”, “PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY’, “WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE”.

Unique Coworker Leaving Gift

Farewell Gifts for Colleagues

Are there any good going away gifts for colleagues? Yes! The best going away gift for your co-worker is a personalised caricature that captures the personality of the individual. Our artist can include specialised details of their dedicated service during the time of employment. Sweeten sorrow goodbyes with a thoughtful gift that will being a smile to your work friend’s face as you part ways. Single person caricature dancing to music while holding tennis racket. Background: Singapore landmark (Merlion, Garden by the bay, MBS, SGP flyer, cable car…). Large solar project – Wind turbine. Insert logo.

Unique Farewell Gift For Boss – Navy Personnel

Customisable Fun Gift for Boss

Farewell gifts can be made personalized in the form of a drawing to honor the departure of a respected boss. Drawings can include farewell wishes as requested! Single person caricature: arm crossed. Outfit: Navy grey pixelated uniform. Background: simple office setting with 2-3 laptops. Ships shown through the window. Insert message: we wish you fair winds and following seas.

Unique Farewell Gift for a Colleague

Awesome Gifts For Coworkers

Super-sweet farewell gifts are perfect for coworkers’ farewells. Custom drawn caricatures includes special details of their personality, interests, loved ones or hobbies. Specialised farewell gifts shows your former co-worker how much you care and appreciate your time together. 4 persons caricature body: Couple and 2 children eating. Background: Marina Bay Sands. Insert text: Wishing you the best. 

Gifts for Mentors To Show Your Gratitude

Thank You Gift for Mentors

Show appreciation for a dedicated leader with a thoughtful gift. A customised caricature includes details that represents their entire experience in mentorship. Such a gift memoralises the meaningful time spent together. Single person caricature. Outfit: Army uniform. Red cross medic armband. Insert: School medic logo on top of white board. Training CPR Monitor showing ECG graph/rhythm. CPR dummy for first aid training. Students head from rear. Names of ten members around the border. Message: White board with message on hand using a telescopic pointer pointing to message.

Retirement Gift for Your Boss Who Loves Golf

Best Gift for Boss in Singapore

What to get your boss for retirement? A memorable gift will mark this momentous occasion. Express gratitude and show him what a truly great boss he is with this wonderful retirement gift. A caricature is a fun and thoughtful gift that includes personalised details for that special touch. Create a one-of-a-kind retirement gift for your mentors, managers or supervisors with us! No muss, no fuss! Single person caricature: holding golf club and a glass of wine. Background: Golf course and flag with logo. Message: All the best.

Memorable Farewell Gift for Boss

Unique gift for boss

How do you professionally thank your boss who is leaving? Gift them with a work-appropriate custom drawing that references something unique about them. A personalised gift shows thoughtfulness and gratitude in a way that is professional and impressive. For every of our caricature order we encourage our client to make a special request so the result will be personalized gift that is one of a kind. Single person caricature, waving. Outfit: Navy t-shirt, with a white logo imprinted on top. Background: Typical office. Insert: Attached photos in frames (on desktop) for the individual photos. Cropped such that each person’s heads are similar size / proportions. Message: “Thank you for your service!!! We will miss you!!!”

Customised Corporate Farewell Gift for Colleague

Custom Farewell Gift for Coworker Leaving Singapore

What to get coworker who is leaving? Celebrate the love and friendship shared during your time together with a personalised farewell gift for colleagues. Our artists draw caricatures based on the personality and interests of your friend. Bring a smile to their face with a thoughtful gift to sweeten goodbye sorrows. Single person caricature, waving. Outfit: Tweed two piece set. Background: Multicolour generic background. Message: Thank you. All the best. We will miss you.

Customisable Farewell Gift for Colleague Musician

Personalised Farewell Gift for Coworker Playing Guitar

What is the best gift to give a musician? An Unforgettable Going Away Gift For a Coworker that displays the recipient’s love for music. Single person caricature: Sitting, playing guitar & using computer. Outfit: Black T-shirt and jeans. In a design studio, with speaker/amplifier on his left side. 3D printer and a 3D Hennessy bottle on the right side. Insert logo. Insert farewell wish: This is not goodbye…love from your.

Customisable Personalised Farewell Gift for Boss Captain Leaving Singapore

Thank You Gift for a Fantastic Boss

Impress your boss with a Farewell Gift for Every Type of Boss Him/Her. Caricature gifts are customisable with details that reference something unique about them and their work. This thoughtful gift is work-appropriate, a perfect way to show appreciation and gratitude while maintaining professionalism. Single person caricature: Standing and waving. Outfit: Orange and white safety vest, captain hat, white shirt, black pants, watch and bracelet. Containers yard as background. Insert goodbye wishes: APAOCL FLOW CAPTAIN, All the best and enjoy!

Farewell Gift for Supportive Mentor for Dedicated Leadership

Thoughtful Gift for Laboratory Technician Colleague/Co-worker

Wish your laboratory technician co worker all the best and good bye with the Best Farewell Gifts For Colleagues in Singapore. A perfect way to show how much you will miss your colleague is with a customisable gift caricature that includes memorabilia, inside jokes and farewell wishes. Bring a smile to their face with a personalised going away colleague gift before they leave for a new job. Single person caricature: holding a magic wand and pointing towards a magician hat with a syringe appearing out. The syringe to be drawn appears out of the hat. Outfit: To draw the lab coat, pants and shoes with the shoe-cover. Draw a bunny peeping out from vessel its paw holding on the item. Insert text: To draw just the TV and the webcam. To include message on the screen. Thank you for being an awesome leader and colleague. We will miss you. Best wishes in your future endeavour!

Thank You Gift for a Lovely Co-Worker

Personalised Farewell Gifts For Colleagues

Say your lovely goodbyes to your work friend with the Best Farewell Gifts For Colleagues in Singapore. Memorialise the happy memories shared between you and your colleague with a customisable high quality drawing that includes group photos, the recipient’s personality and interests. You co worker will definitely smile seeing themselves drawn with all the fond memories and things they cherish dearly. Single person caricature: sitting at the desk. Holding on to mcdonalds ice cream with fries in it.  Thought bubble: Additional simple outline drawing 1 person , niece full body wearing mask. Background: Office background with inserted group photos.

Farewell Gift for Colleague Funny Local Foodie

Funny Farewell Gift for Coworker

What to gift a friend who is a foodie? Tell your co-worker how much you’ll miss them when they move on to a new job with a thoughtful Personalised Farewell Gift .Remember the good times spent together with an unforgettable gift to wish them all the best for future endevours. Person running on the pavement with one hand on the stroller (place it in front of him in a way that the baby is not visible). The other hand holding a bowl of laksa (comedy effect would be to have chopsticks sticking out). Mobile iPhone sticking out of his pocket – vibrating/ringing  (with a bubble and text: PM / OCC / MT??). Some chocolate chip cookies falling out of his pockets. Background is of the attached Roberston Quay. Insert special well-wishes: To a man of many skills. Thank you! You and your comic wisecracks will be missed (August 2022).

Unique Personalised Farewell Gift for Popular Coworker

Customised Corporate Gift for Colleague

Going-Away Gifts to show your former coworker how much you will miss them. High quality caricatures are drawn with special details specific to requests which makes it personalised and extra sentimental. Celebrate your time together with a caricature gift to remember the good moments shared together. Single person caricature: Person standing with arms crossed wearing a tuxedo and a bowtie. Background: Crowd cheering him on with flags and a banner.

Going Away Gift for an Adventurous Colleague

Personalised Gift for Coworker

A perfect memorable going away gifts for a beloved colleague. Caricatures are drawn, custom-personalised to your specifications. Including super-sweet farewell wishes is a sentimental way to say goodbye. Single person caricature: Person standing hand on hip, wearing pink peranakan outfit. On a globe with iconic landmarks such as merlion, statue of liberty, tower of pisa, opera house, eiffel tower.

Thank You Gift for a Fantastic Boss

Retirement Gift for Boss

What to get boss for retirement? Gift caricatures are a perfect way to express appreciation for boss dedication and leadership. Customised to special details of the person, caricature drawings are thoughtful and unique gifts. A perfect way to memorialise the working experience among boss and colleagues. Single person caricature: sitting at a desk. Wearing office uniform. Smiling with family photos inserted in the background. Insert farewell wish: “Dear Mr ,We will forever cherish having a hard-working and fantastic Boss. You will be greatly missed. Till we see you again…”

Funny Farewell Gift for Boss

Retirement Gift for Boss

What is a good farewell gift for a boss? A gift caricature is a perfect way to say put a smile on people’s faces as they say goodbye. Farewell wishes can be inserted in caricatures from multiple employees! Single person’s face in Captain Underpants body and cape. Include a drawing of an aeroplane. Insert text: “Now that your career has taken flight, it is time for your dreams to”. Insert farewell messages into the drawing. Include our company logo on the building.

Appreciation Gift for a Dedicated Boss

Farewell Gift for Boss

Appreciation Gift to Boss for Dedicated Leadership. Gift for boss from workers to show appreciation for their boss’s support and leadership.  Express gratitude and show him what a truly great boss he is with this wonderful farewell gift. Our caricature drawing includes thoughtful details to remind the recipient of meaningful moments together. Single person caricature: In a suit sitting at a desk. Insert logo on desktop screen. Background: Mindef building. Insert text: In appreciation of your contributions, dedication and commitment. 

A Unique Farewell Gift for a Good-Natured Colleague

Farewell Gift for a Special Colleague/Employee/Coworker

A sentimental gift for a special farewell gift for a beloved work friend. A caricature with specific details is a perfect going away gift for showing your coworker how much you will miss them. Seeing themselves being drawn in a thought and fun way will bring a smile to their face. Single person caricature: holding flowers sculpture balloons on one hand (lifted) and a penguin walking balloon on the other hand. Outfit: polo tee. Insert text: Farewell and best wishes for a beautiful soul, 2022.

Going Away Gifts For Co-Workers

Awesome Gifts For Coworkers

Celebrate your colleague’s service with a unique farewell gift! Saying goodbye to your work buddy can be difficult. Remember the good times spent together with an unforgettable gift to thank your coworkers. A personalised thoughtful caricature is a fun memorabilia for an employee/colleague/coworker. A single person caricature: She is sitting on her desk, similar to drawing below. Background: A window showing office buildings, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea flags and landmarks.3. Insert text: Thank you for everything that you have done for us. We will miss you!

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