Farewell Gift for Colleague Funny Local Foodie

Funny Farewell Gift for Coworker

What to gift a friend who is a foodie? Tell your co-worker how much you’ll miss them when they move on to a new job with a thoughtful Personalised Farewell Gift .Remember the good times spent together with an unforgettable gift to wish them all the best for future endevours. Person running on the pavement with one hand on the stroller (place it in front of him in a way that the baby is not visible). The other hand holding a bowl of laksa (comedy effect would be to have chopsticks sticking out). Mobile iPhone sticking out of his pocket – vibrating/ringing  (with a bubble and text: PM / OCC / MT??). Some chocolate chip cookies falling out of his pockets. Background is of the attached Roberston Quay. Insert special well-wishes: To a man of many skills. Thank you! You and your comic wisecracks will be missed (August 2022).

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