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Farewell gift for IT geek

Thank you gift for colleague, IT personnel, forever IT geek.

Folding arm numbers figures office meeting

Appreciation gift for lady in red dress, ” Achieving the goals”.

Golfer boss waving goodbye and welcome to more travelling

Sporty boss who loves travelling and golfing.

Appreciation SAF Army Guards

Thank you gift to captain for the leadership, friendship and motivational.

Cantonment police HQ

Farewell gift to a Boss from the department.

Staying fit, cycling and enjoying the panoramic view of Singapore

Keeping fit by cycling your way through and enjoying the amazing scenic.

Farewell lady boss for the dedicated services.

Fighting away the viruses, parachutes of aids helping the people.

Ironman riding bicycle around Singapore town

Farewell gift for a colleague returning back home.

Keeping Healthy Lifestyle Pumping The Energy To Good Vibes

Farewell Gift to a Commander in the Singapore Navy

An appreciation gift for a navy lt. colonel, it includes a message saying, “First to Protect. Thank you for everything! Fair Winds and following Seas! From Cluster Chiefs”.

Farewell Gift for a Retiring Colleague

A farewell gift for a senior colleague who is retiring with a message which says, “Happy Retirement Our (name), Night Champion”.

Farewell Gift for a Friend who enjoys Cooking, Photography, Badminton, and Sightseeing

A farewell gift for a friend where all his favourite hobbies are drawn together with a message which says, “Dear (name), wishing you all the best & happiness always”.

Farewell Gift for a Captain of Industry Responsible for the Shipment of Goods to and from Singapore

A farewell gift for a government official captain from his staff with a message saying, “You have set high standards and done so much for us! With a heavy heart, we bid you farewell!”.

Regional Director Remembered as Ironman Improving the Region he Served

A parting and farewell gift for a beloved leader, depicted as a superhero. Boss gift wishing him all the best for his next journey.

Farewell Family Gift

A family yatch trip during a happy holiday.

Farewell Muscular Guy

A thank you gift for a fitness instructor from his colleagues.

Cycling to Happiness

Farewell Captain and Smooth Sailing

Thank you gift to a high spirited colleague.

Thank You Caricature Gift To An SAF Army For His Services

Thank you gift to an Army LTC for his dedicated services.

Funny Faces Of Company Members

Funny face of all the members in the pass time.

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