Singapore Caricature Drawing Services for Gifts & Events


Ballerina in triathlon make to the finishing line

Dancing and running to the end while carrying bicycle with no great smile.

Appreciation SAF Army Guards

Thank you gift to captain for the leadership, friendship and motivational.

Let’s rock and roll family

Memories are meant to be remembered, beautiful family caricature for a beautiful family.

Muscular hunks lifting the weight

Gym buddies motivates each other to a healthy lifestyle.

Brothers for life

Bound by close knit friendship.

Keeping Healthy Lifestyle Pumping The Energy To Good Vibes

Army Guards Military Caricature Gift For Retirement

A customised special caricature gift for an army sergeant with the lite strike vehicle and helicopter hovering. A gift to remember.  

Gift For Japanese Family Leaving Singapore

Gifts for Anniversary Award Winners


Gift for Couple Who Loves Exploring Together

Farewell Gift for Female Gym Enthusiast to San Francisco

Farewell for Police Officer Who Loves Coffee

Teacher who Enjoys Jogging with Ukelele and Terrarium

Farewell Gift for Japanese Friends Playing Basketball and SIA Uniforms

Japanese Boss Drinking Sake on a Boat to Mt Fuji

Tennis Player In Red Cape Smashing Favourite Vintage Wine

Caucasian Boss With Kung Fu Skills

Black Belt Taekwondo Boss Who Loves to Golf

Farewell Caricature For Switzerland Boss With The Body of Merlion

Their boss is heading back to Switzerland. They want to give him a gift to remember his time in Singapore! I wrote in earlier, stating that I would like to order caricatures for my boss who is going to relocate… Continue Reading →

Energizer Manager As Gandalf The White From Lord Of The Rings

Customer requested for a Lord Of The Ring Theme with this one! Our artist had lots of fun drawing this caricature! Description of drawing: This is a farewell caricature for our boss who will move to another role after managing… Continue Reading →

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