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Public Event Drawing Caricatures at Community Centre

Thank you gift

Farewell gift

A gift to show appreciation

One way to show your appreciation is a customised caricature gift.

Corporate gift

Farewell gift to our director

“Our boss is moving to the US and we would like to get him a customised gift”

Thank you gift

An impressive show of appreciation for a dear boss.

Gifts for Anniversary Award Winners


Farewell Gift for Female Gym Enthusiast to San Francisco

Tennis Player In Red Cape Smashing Favourite Vintage Wine

Caucasian Boss With Kung Fu Skills

Black Belt Taekwondo Boss Who Loves to Golf

Farewell Caricature For Switzerland Boss With The Body of Merlion

Their boss is heading back to Switzerland. They want to give him a gift to remember his time in Singapore! I wrote in earlier, stating that I would like to order caricatures for my boss who is going to relocate… Continue Reading →

Farewell Caricature For Viking General Manager On A Ship

A farewell gift to a Viking leader! I would like to get a farewell gift for my General Manager whom’s a Danes- typically a drawing of him in a Viking outfit with boozes will be perfect! It is with this… Continue Reading →

Mugshot Caricature for Leaving Colleagues

This customer requested for A4 mugshot caricature as a farewell gift for their leaving colleagues. These 2 caricatures were made and presented to their colleagues!

Caricature For Leaving Boss Who Loves Travelling

What better way to show appreciation for your boss than a personalized caricature! The following are to form the background (Montage), these are the MUST have Great Wall of China, Burj al Arab, Eifel Tower… Singapore MBS Hotel & Casino… Continue Reading →

Farewell gift for a lady boss

A farewell gift for a lady boss who is dedicated to her job. It was requested by our customer to draw her seated at her working desk with desktop and documents on the table, busy at work.

Mugshot of Tudung Lady

A mugshot of a lady in scarf ordered by her company.

Bulk Corporate Mugshots

Ruoshi did a bulk mugshots for a group of staff in this well-known corporate firm in Singapore. They wanted less exaggeration and more realistic looking caricature.

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