Caricature For Leaving Boss Who Loves Travelling

What better way to show appreciation for your boss than a personalized caricature!

The following are to form the background (Montage), these are the MUST have

  1. Great Wall of China,
  2. Burj al Arab,
  3. Eifel Tower…
  4. Singapore MBS Hotel & Casino
  5. Terracotta Army Xi’An
  6. Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
  7. Hollywood
  8. Fisherman’s wharf San Francisco


If space allow. This is the CAN Have

  1. First Starbuck Café


The following elements are added (wear) to the Main character

  1. Hard Rock Café (carry the Guitar)
  2. Starbuck (hold a starbucks cup)
  3. Nail Polish (Bright Nail Polish on both hands – she love the colour VIOLET)


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