Female Gym Fitness Trainer’s Birthday Caricature

This client has requested a caricature as a birthday gift for her trainer,

Hi Anna
I have attached 3 pictures for your perusal. This is a Birthday gift for my staff — who is a Fitness Trainer. I will like you to feature her in a gym background and wearing our uniform which i attached under ‘uniform’ file.
Pls include:
To a Terrific Trainer on her Birthday
Keep going, — (the Energizer Bunny)!

Nature Enthusiast Father Birdwatching Birthday Gift Caricature

This client came to us after being referred by her friend. She requested us to do a caricature of her father as a birthday gift.



I would love to order an A3 caricature for my dad’s 80th birthday. He is an avid bird watcher and a nature enthusiast. He loves the outdoors and spends most of his holidays in wildlife reserves and bird sanctuaries.
Attached are some photos of him for your reference. Ideally it would be nice to see him in this setting of the outdoors with his binoculars arond his neck and sporting his cap!
Also is there some space you could leave on the sheet for us to write a personal message for him?
Please could you call me on my mobile before you commence this piece. And also kindly confirm the cost pls to be $125 (single person with body situation in A3).
Many thanks.
PS: I have seen your really good work from another friend (xxxx) and i hope you could do an equally good job on this piece as it is a special occasion for my father

Happy Birthday Daddy Family Caricature Drawing

“Thanks for the family caricature it was great.”

complimented our client who requested a second group caricature as a birthday present as a birthday gift. The previous one ordered in 2008 needed some updating as the family grew.


Dear Anna

Pls provide us a final quotation for the family caricature. This will be a Birthday present for my Dad’s birthday in July so we like to include the message “Happy Birthday Daddy” preferably in Chinese characters too.

Total: 14 Pax

1. Dad – see attached file Daddy (my father is seated and wearing striped polo shirt)

2. Mum – deceased so we don’t have recent picture. See file Family Caricature ( my mum is on top row right)

3. Sister #1 & husband – see attached file Family 1

4. Sister #2 & husband & son – see attached file Family 2

5. Sister #3 & husband & son – see attached file Family 3

6. Me & husband & daughter & son – see attached file Family 4

Will make payment receiving your final quotation.



Sporty Outdoor Loving Father’s Birthday Gift

This returning client came back with a request for another birthday gift:

Hi Anna,

I would like to order another caricature for my dad’s 60th birthday. 

  • Full body A3 size with frame, delivery required (photo attached, my dad is in the middle)
  • Message: “Happy 60th Birthday Dad! Love, xxxx, xxxx & xxxx”
  • Description: Please show him holding a Lee Kuan Yew book in one hand and a squash racquet in the other hand
  •  Background: Is it possible to have half the background showing mountain/nature reserve and the other half showing Shaw Lido cinema (my dad likes to watch movies)
  • Outfit: Trekking gear/sports attire (no long pants please). Would also like to have a pair of movie tickets sticking out of the t-shirt/shorts pocket if possible.

Kindly confirm the cost so I can transfer the payment. Is it possible for the caricature to be ready by 30 May?

Father And Daughter Caricature As Birthday Present

An alternative to ordering your caricature via email. Clients may also choose to make an appointment and head down to our office to purchase their order.

Dr xxxx made an appointment and came to our office to order a caricature for his daughters’ birthday. We recognize him from last year. Always happy to see a returning client.

Birthday Present for 35th Birthday

The client requested for a caricature as a birthday gift: 

I would like to order a caricature for my boyfriend for his birthday urgently by next Tuesday, so I guess I would need your express service. Attached are some of his photos for your reference.
As he is into badminton, I am thinking of doing a caricature of him playing badminton. It would be nice if you could draw him topless with 6 packs.
I would like to add in a message,” Happy 35th Birthday Chow Darling” in the caricature as well.
Please advise on how to make the payment for this. Thanks!

Queen Cleopatra’s Birthday Bash By Co-Workers

The client has requested for a specific theme for the artwork:

For the theme, I have mentioned that we will go with Cleopatra theme and we are trying to portray her as the queen of the world. If possible, we can have the men all chained up and she is there whipping them hard to push them go further. We are business development team and she oversee the team hence the team has this idea.

Put “The Happening Queen” at the top in a banner
Message will be “Wish you a wonderful birthday filled with fun & laughter (KPIs)


Caricature Gift for Husband’s 60th Birthday

I’m holding a 60th birthday celebration for my husband in October and would like to order three A4-sized coloured caricatures (with body situation) of him.  I have in mind 3 different situations for each of the caricature:

1) He’s cooking while our greedy pet dog (a golden brown cocker spaniel) that he loves is waiting eagerly to have a share of the food;
2) He’s watering and tendering to his plants as he loves gardening;
3) He’s cycling in his cycling gears along Changi Coast Road.

On each of the caricature, I would like to have this phrase written “William’s 60th Birthday Celebration”.

Its Your 40th Birthday! – Gift Caricature

Fortieth birthdays are no longer ones where you would feel ashamed of throwing a birthday bash. This is the time to celebrate your coming to the mid-point and what better way to celebrate than with a touch of humor!

As requested by our customer, “I’d like to get a caricature done of Sarah – it is for her 40th birthday and we will print it out on a large A0 or something similar,  so we would love to get both the original hand drawing plus a high quality scan. She should be in a little black cocktail dress,  looking glamorous, with a brown handbag in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.”

Birthday Moment for a Best Friend

Client’s brief: This caricature is for my best friend’s 33rd birthday.  We both met when we were 11 years old and have been best friends for 22 years since.  Would like to incorporate the numbers 11,22,33 into the drawing.

  • Birthday girl is very passionate about flowers.  I’m very passionate about cooking.
  • We both love the 80’s.
  • Don’t forget the 11,22,33
  • The birthday girl has a darker complexion than me
  • Can you please make sure that Chris is dressed simple and clean-cut (no bright colours for her clothing, basic colours).  And she has on FUSHIA PINK heels.

Group Caricatures for a Family Business

Its a gift for the 62 years birthday of the founder of this paint company. It shows his wife, 4 daughters, his son-in-laws, and 3 grandchildren. His car with his lucky number, the factory and the product this company produces.

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