This client came to us after being referred by her friend. She requested us to do a caricature of her father as a birthday gift.



I would love to order an A3 caricature for my dad’s 80th birthday. He is an avid bird watcher and a nature enthusiast. He loves the outdoors and spends most of his holidays in wildlife reserves and bird sanctuaries.
Attached are some photos of him for your reference. Ideally it would be nice to see him in this setting of the outdoors with his binoculars arond his neck and sporting his cap!
Also is there some space you could leave on the sheet for us to write a personal message for him?
Please could you call me on my mobile before you commence this piece. And also kindly confirm the cost pls to be $125 (single person with body situation in A3).
Many thanks.
PS: I have seen your really good work from another friend (xxxx) and i hope you could do an equally good job on this piece as it is a special occasion for my father