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Unique Birthday Gift for Photographer Boss

Workers showing appreciation for their boss’s support and leadership. A gift that is work appropriate and maintains professionalism. Express gratitude and show him what a truly great boss he is with this wonderful goodbye gift. Create a one-of-a-kind going away… Continue Reading →

Special Birthday Present for a Beloved Daughter

Single lady with shopping bags bear balloon. Glittery background.

Golfer getting an expensive present

Birthday Gift for an Awesome Boss who Enjoys Running Marathons

A birthday gift from staff to their amazing boss who enjoys running marathons. It includes a message saying, “Happy Birthday to an Awesome Boss & Fantastic Leader!”.

Wonder-Woman Mummy

A birthday gift for an amazing superhero like Mum.

Happy Birthday Caricature Gift for 40 Year Old Celebration

A special birthday wish to a talented musician by giving an appropriately drawn caricature.

Birthday Gift


Birthday Gift for a boss

Birthday gift for a super baker

“This is our team’s business admin. She is full of energy. She is a fantastic cook/baker and each month she prepares a big homemade spread of cakes/desserts, cheeses and other food for the team’s birthday persons of the month. So… Continue Reading →

Birthday gift for a friend

Longevity is a gift. Keeping healthy, eating healthy. Birthday wishes from a good friend.

Birthday gift for dad

Birthday gift for a cuddly boss

Birthday gift for a boyfriend who loves cricket

Birthday gift for music talent

Grand 60th birthday gift is a big ‘Landing’

The Big Landing is a Chinese concept for someone who has come of age. The client  has a lot of idea that we enjoy translating into this man-in-space cartoon. Did man actually land on the moon?  Hmmm… Don’t go there…. Continue Reading →

Mugshots caricature for a birthday girl

Birthday mugshots caricature

Birthday Caricature for fitness girl friend

Birthday caricature for wife who love netflix and travel europe

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