Birthday Celebration Caricature

Adorable caricature of the birthday girl! We wish you the happiest birthday! What a unique way to present the princess of the day. Not only that, it also serves as a beautiful core memory as well!

Unique Birthday Gift for Photographer Boss

Thank You Gift for a Fantastic Boss

Workers showing appreciation for their boss’s support and leadership. A gift that is work appropriate and maintains professionalism. Express gratitude and show him what a truly great boss he is with this wonderful goodbye gift. Create a one-of-a-kind going away gift for your mentors, managers or supervisors with us! No muss, no fuss! A single person drawing next to Brompton bike, holding a camera. Background: Sunset and iconic Singapore landmarks. Outfit: Simple shirt and dark jeans. Insert sign wishing Boss a Happy Birthday.

Birthday gift for a super baker

20190411-Caricature-Singapore-digital-superwoman-colleague-bakery-cake-multitasks-admin“This is our team’s business admin. She is full of energy. She is a fantastic cook/baker and each month she prepares a big homemade spread of cakes/desserts, cheeses and other food for the team’s birthday persons of the month.

So showing her as a baker/chef might be a nice gesture for her own birthday coming up next week.”

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