Segway Surfing Boss And Casual Colleague Both Got A Farewell Gift Caricature Each

Client’s request:


 Our boss is leaving and we want to provide him with a farewell gift.  We want to present this to him next Wednesday…possible?  We can get photos to you tomorrow latest.

 An idea is that we have the Singapore skyline in the background on one side, our boss on a Segway in the middle heading towards London’s cityscape on the otherside?

 Let us know?


One request – for the male (going to London) can we dress him in Blue Jeans?  Its an inside joke as he NEVER wears jeans



For the second project, it would be similar in design but a different person, and instead of going to London she is going to Chicago…can?

 See attached picture of both people (male= first project to London, woman is the second to Chicago.

More photos for project 2 to follow

Can we also request that the caricature be in black and white?


Mugshot Caricature Farewell Gift For Colleagues

We love client’s feedback like this:


Thank you for the wonderful drawing. They really appreciate the gifts.
Will order more for future events..

Client has requested for a mugshot caricature as a farewell gift for leaving colleagues:

I like to order Normal Colour Marker Mugshot on A4 
Attached is the 2 Photos.
I need to have this photo before 23rd May due to farewell..
To: XXXX(First Photo). Message: It was a pleasure working with you. From XXXX 29th May 2014
To: XXX (2nd Photo). Message: Thank you for being a wonderful boss. From XXXX 29th May 2014.

Farewell Present For Jovial Colleague – A Caricature of Him as Charlie Chaplin

Clients’ request for a farewell gift for a colleague:

Attached is his picture. If you may draw him in Charlie Chaplin.

Is he possible to draw him holding a banana.

Since it is a farewell and we will like him to remember S’pore, some scenes of S’pore will  be good like Merlion and MBS.



Farewell to our Resident Comedian and Dear Friend. Life in Deos will never be as colorful with you.

 From: Deomazing Bunch!


Farewell Gift For Retiring Math Professors

A university  requested caricatures as a farewell present for retiring professors. The were funny requests. Hi there I’m interested in getting 3 caricatures done for my retiring staff.  All 3 are professors at the Math Department, NUS. We are looking at one of these options, depending on whether what we have in mind can be done, details as follows.  We need the caricatures ready by Monday 21 April.

  1. Single person with body and background at A4 size 
  2. Single person with body situation A3 size 
  3. Couple caricature with body and background A3 size is .

Please advise us on the cost for all above options. The photos are attached.  We will try to get more pics of Prof xxx Prof xxxx-  likes singing Prof xxxx-  likes writing, poetry and prose Prof xxxx – likes watching TV, doing Tai-Chi

Moving on from Singapore to Jakarta.

A colleague who revisit our proposed quotation and has considered to make a caricature piece as a farewell gift for a French colleague.

Here are the details for the following caricature order.

Purpose : Farewell gift.  After spending 10years in Singapore, he is taking up a new assignment in Indonesia (based in Jakarta) – Singapore & Indonesia landscape as background

Hobby : Reading..

Just a suggestion : picture of him holding a laptop & book heading towards the direction of Indonesia?

A draft was produced, seen and approved. This customer has requested for a delivery service from us with an additional charges.

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