Having loved our previous orders for them, this company approached us again to draw a caricature for their leaving colleague:


Would appreciate it if you could include the following in the pictures: –

We would like to add these words below the caricature drawing (like the previous caricatures done for our previous colleagues),

Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague!

  1. We would like to include APEC logo and the word “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation”, as in the previous caricatures done for our previous colleagues

iii. We prefer that the picture has some form of an office/business/working environment background. For example, a seminar or one of APEC Meetings like the one shown in the attachments here – she recently attended and presented her report on slides at “APEC 2014 Finance Ministers’ Meeting” on behalf of APEC PSU (note: spelling on the table sign in the first picture is wrong). This is because we wish to include her name plate with her title,



  1. To help make the picture more personalised: would the artist be able to consider including the following, where possible?

– — favourite drink – Café Latte or hot Kopi C (can be from Ya Kun or no specific brand.)

– — enjoys music and dancing.

– —- is a macroeconomist and a passionate presenter/speaker. She’s good with numbers and is the proud author of our “Economic Trends Analysis” reports – our bi-annual macroeconomic publication. The latest being on “Building a dynamic and innovative services economy as an engine for growth” (She designed most of the charts for PSU.)

– —- is a helpful colleague (ready to guide/teach others), a loving wife and mother, a good cook, and a generous, kind and fun friend to have.

– My ideas/suggestions to the artist for her caricature: to have a disco/glitter ball hung from the ceiling while she is making a presentation of her report; she wears a daisy yellow colour top (one of her favourite colours), with her signature silver necklace with grey black pearl pendant, high heels; she has sunglasses at the ready; loves her black BMW 530i with plate number “S9951CD, which is the first car she owns; she’s leaving for Beijing soon so may have to sell her car, which she will miss.