The client has requested a caricature as a departing gift for a colleague 

I would like to engage your services for this colour caricature drawing for the A2 – 8 pax caricature plus A2 frame. Colour background and words “Superfriends, Always!”


Other notes:

1) we would like to be in the following characters (with similar posses possible?) as attached. Please write our name under each character. Captain America needs to be semi-masked or unmasked to show face?

2) we would like the main character Storm (Storm) to be a little bigger than the rest to emphasize her.

3) Women to be drawn sexy and man hunky and muscular.

4) we will have a soft copy (or link to download) the finished work for keeps.

5) silver frame and non reflective glass.

6) drawing in landscape so as to have maximum area to show all characters in full features and poses.

7) collection on the 1st Apr or 2nd Apr latest

P.S: This is a departing gift for a dear colleague of ours for 16 years and I really need it to be a very beautiful, humorous and memorable gift for her.

The artwork was upgraded to a digital painting due to its size.