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Live Digital Caricature Event

Digital caricature can be projected on a screen so everyone can watch the drawing process.

Go Go Power Rangers!

A power rangers themed caricature gift for a colleague who love power rangers.

Noah’s Ark theme digital group caricature

Live Caricature for Cineleisure Orchard’s event

Digital for family of three flying off

A digital caricature was requested to be drawn for this family of three: mother, father and their young daughter. They were flying off, back to Canada. The father was the boss of a company and this caricature is requested by… Continue Reading →

Mugshot of a pretty lady in Toyota

The colleague of this pretty lady ask to draw her a mugshot caricature. Their company is Toyota the branded automobile company. Hope the lady likes her drawing as much as our artist likes doing it!

Pedestrian Night Busking @ Orchard Rd

Occasionally, we will go down to Orchard Road during the weekends to busk. The public were always curious and our presence are well-received too.

Caricature Farewell Gift For ‘Gangnam Style’ Colleague

Client’s request: Hi Anna  Please find the pictures for your inspiration.  Can you make JT the Super star for the kangnam dance style? Please find JT’s picture in kangnam dressing and his photo and also our company logo. You need… Continue Reading →

Farewell Present For Jovial Colleague – A Caricature of Him as Charlie Chaplin

Clients’ request for a farewell gift for a colleague: Attached is his picture. If you may draw him in Charlie Chaplin. Is he possible to draw him holding a banana. Since it is a farewell and we will like him to remember S’pore,… Continue Reading →

Queen Cleopatra’s Birthday Bash By Co-Workers

The client has requested for a specific theme for the artwork: For the theme, I have mentioned that we will go with Cleopatra theme and we are trying to portray her as the queen of the world. If possible, we can… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift for Superfriends

The client has requested a caricature as a departing gift for a colleague  I would like to engage your services for this colour caricature drawing for the A2 – 8 pax caricature plus A2 frame. Colour background and words “Superfriends, Always!”… Continue Reading →

Family Portrait Caricature Of Various Interests

Family portraits can be fun. Like what this mom has requested from us. To draw all her family members in their own interest. She likes baking muffins, the husband enjoys golfing, the son loves riding bicycle and playing the ipad… Continue Reading →

Caricature Goodbye Card for a Fun Cool Boss

The employees wanted to give the boss something awesome to remind them of his time working in Singapore. What a good idea to make it as a card and on one side they can express their gratitude! Best wishes! Hi, … Continue Reading →

Birthday Gift for the Funny Cool Boss

Can never go wrong with a nicely drawn caricature of your boss for her birthday right? This is an adorable and fun way of brightening up her day. Hi,  I would like to order a caricature at A4 size with… Continue Reading →

Gangnam Style Themes Caricature for the Birthday Boy.

A birthday for the avid Psy fan. Sometimes the song ‘Gangnam Style’ may leave a lasting ring in your ear but this birthday caricature we did for the birthday boy could leave him staring and smiling at it for a… Continue Reading →

Wedding Couple Caricature with Favourite Toys

Our regular corporate customer getting married so she ordered a wedding caricature of them with the favourite things that fill their life. Motorcycle, soft-toys, Liverpool soccer etc.

Comics Fan Snapped Up Our Superhero Caricature

Hafiz drew this Marvel fan-art group caricature of our crew at the theme park. We caricaturists were depicted as superhero characters in the Avengers. A tourist saw the funny drawing and insisted on buying it. We are proud to report… Continue Reading →

The Venerable – Gift Caricature Drawing

Another regular customer of us, yet again ordered a gift caricature drawing for her Venerable. As describe, the Venerable is a very funny guy, in order to make them understand better he uses ‘singlish’. He laughs  a lot and will claps… Continue Reading →

ITE – Gift Caricature Drawing

Mugshot caricature drawings of a team from the ITE department. A simple yet a unique memorable gifts for the staffs.    

Staff Appreciation Caricature for DELL – LIVE Colored Caricature Drawing

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