Give us your ideas and we’l draw it out for you!

Photo label club st  x, Game and LY Bday x are meant to give the artist a good feel of the facial expression of Mr —–. Particularly Club St 1, 2,3 can perhaps give you his fun facial in motion.

  • The person is the only Caucasian in the photo – the tallest guy. Curly short hair (grey), eyes are blue.
  • It has 2 types of image – in jean and business attire.
  • You can use the business shirt (in white or light blue) with the long jeans he wear in the night photo.
  • The club street road sign is also in the photo label accordingly.


Photo Briefcase 1, 2, 3 show his old brief case (in leather dark brown) to be included. He often just left it open lying on the ground, just like the photo briefcase 1.


Photo label with drums are image of our chemical drums. Please use the metal drum (image with 2 drums) with the blue color (4 drums on pallet). The word and color of  Nuplex are per below signatory image.


Photo Singapore flight for  SQ flight image.


Photo GREASE : font image & the wording. Also the lyric that the caricature will sing to depict his region role (please don’t write those words that are struck out. They are for info only).


As per discussed:

  • the cartoon image of — in the famous John Travolta disco pose. He has 1-arm on his waist and another with index finger pointing up. A globe on his finger tip. The front of the globe with Asia map. Shirt and jean.
  • Option if the cartoon figure will hold beer mug or on drum – your decision which looks better.
  • Nuplex drums next to him. Heineken bottle on drum. If we find out his favourite dutch beer instead of Heineken, we will inform asap.
  • Brief case lie open on the ground
  • Club St Road sign post
  • SQ flight over him
  • He will sing with the Grease chorus lines (replace with our wordings). If possible use the GREASE font to write the wordings (to bring out the mood of groovy disco)