We got this long request from the sister of this lucky birthday boy.

Love the work on your website!
My brother’s birthday is falling on 30 March 2010.  He will be turning 26 this year.
Some pictures of him from his 25th birthday last year are attached.  He is the boy with long curly hair in the pink t-shirt.
Aspects of his personality which can be visually incorporated into a caricature:
  1. He is a biochemistry student (visually I guess you can incorporate a lab coat, test tubes and DNA double helix structure)
  2. He is a lead singer and lead guitarist of a rock band.  So maybe strumming a guitar with one hand.
  3. He plays football, striker position.  He supports Chelsea Football Club.  Maybe he can be doing a header into a goal?
  4. He also likes to drink alcohol (any kind – beer, wine, vodka, etc.) – Maybe one hand holding a beer?
  5. He lives in KL now but his home is in Singapore.  So if you can incorporate the Twin Towers and Merlion in the background, i.e. one on either side of him, that would be cool.
  6. He likes beach holidays like Koh Phi Phi.  If you can also squeeze in a beach that would be great.
  7. He likes his white iPhone, iMac and all Apple products.  Not sure how to incorporate this.
  8. He likes to dabble in the stock market sometimes.  Again not sure how to incorporate this.


We suggested that she narrow it down or it will be an extremely busy drawing and lack focus.

Thanks for your response.
If you can draw him wearing a lab coat, strumming a guitar and heading a football into a goal.  Or the football can also be at his feet.  Background to be Merlion on one side of his head and KL’s Twin Towers on the other side.
Now that’s a lot better. We can draw just about anything imaginable but if there is too many things, the drawing lacks focus.
Caricature for gifts are very unique as our artist can specifically portray the person’s character in a humorous way. So be creative when providing the drawing brief, provide good photos and the result would be a real blast. BoooomZ!
We got her feedback:
Dear Kamal,
I was really pleased with the caricature you created for my brother.  It is a wonderful piece of art.  My brother also likes it very much.  Thanks for making the day special by creating this very personalized gift!
I will be getting married later this year and we will definitely think of you if we decide to do some caricatures.  Thanks again!
Best regards,
Denise M.