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Samsung Football Caricature Theme

Our client dropped us an email with the caricature request for a man in a Chelsea Jersey, kicking a ball into the frame of a smartphone goal post. In the background, a whole stadium of audience gathers to watch this… Continue Reading →

C&BA Soocer Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

  Details given by the colleague: 1) Footballer with a football and with spectators behind 2) Blue Jersey (similar to Chelsea team) 3) Team Logo (upper right of Jersey)  4) Sponsor logo on center of Jersey: “C & BA” 5) Shorts with… Continue Reading →

Birthday Gift Caricature for Genetic Scientist Footballer and Lead Guitarist

We got this long request from the sister of this lucky birthday boy. Love the work on your website! My brother’s birthday is falling on 30 March 2010.  He will be turning 26 this year. Some pictures of him from… Continue Reading →

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