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Farewell Gift

Farewell gift

Leading with Humility

A group caricature gift for a Malaysian lady colleague

My Cartoonist Hero. Lat aka Kampong Boy

It was such an honour that Dato Lat wanted to see me during his visit to Singapore. Most of us in Singapore and Malaysia grew up on his cartoon drawings in newspaper and his books. I consider him the best… Continue Reading →

Live style colour caricature of Malaysia badminton player

Keep on travelling

Retirement gift for a RAAF

Gift Caricature for Trelleborg Tyres Boss

Birthday Gift Caricature for Genetic Scientist Footballer and Lead Guitarist

We got this long request from the sister of this lucky birthday boy. Love the work on your website! My brother’s birthday is falling on 30 March 2010. ┬áHe will be turning 26 this year. Some pictures of him from… Continue Reading →

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