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Personalized Gift to Celebrate A Sports Achievement

Unique gift items for golfers to commemorate the details of the shot.  The perfect present to celebrate rare and impressive accomplishments in golf. Caricature congratulations gift is perfect for sports achievements, new jobs, pregnancies, graduations, promotions, buying first house or… Continue Reading →

Durian lover, Shopaholic, Fitness Enthusiast, BTS Fan

Farewell gift to an easy going lady boss

Gift for a dragon-boater

It’s always nice to receive a gift which people know what you like.

Basketball players then and now

Michael Jordan and Me

How about a caricature drawn with your favourite basketball player?

Birthday gift for a boyfriend who loves cricket

Gift for a dear friend who is a big fan of Chelsea Football Club

A caricature gift for a colleague at work depicting his favourite passion.

BFF caricature

Singapore sport hub digital caricature

Happy Golfer on Buggy

Here we have a jovial and happy Golf player travelling on a buggy! Hmm… that’s smart way of playing golf! ūüôā

Family of Super Heroes!

Wow! Family of Super Heroes!! The football gang! Did I see a flying baby? ūüôā

Birthday gift for a 60th Golf player.

It’s a gift by his loved one for him on his 60th Birthday celebration. He loves to play golf. And his family requested to be seated in the buggy to give him cheers and support.

Colleague’s retirement gift on golf subject

Yoga Fit Tennis Player Boss Leaving Singapore For Hongkong

Client requested for a 3-Day Express service: Hi Anna ¬† Thank you for your quick response. ¬† Please find attached his Photos for your artwork. And also kindly include the following details on the artwork.. ¬† 1)¬†¬†¬†¬†Singapore¬†and¬†Hong¬†Kong¬†Skyline¬†for the background¬†(I have… Continue Reading →

Caricature Farewell Gift For Dynamic Boss

Client’s request: Hi Anna,¬† Please proceed with this order but for a¬†A4 size¬†caricature.¬† Below is a photo of Joseph Barnes.¬† Please draw a good picture of him enjoying golf.¬† Message:¬† Bidding goodbye to a really cool, kind and dynamic boss… Continue Reading →

Caricature Gift for Dynamic Smiling Boss

A farewell gift for their cheerful boss who has that signature smile. And yes, we do larger than A3! How cool is it to have a huge caricature of yourself for keeps. Hi,¬† I would like to check if you‚Äôre… Continue Reading →

Father’s Birthday Gift Caricature

10th Anniversary Gift: Caricature for Sporty Family

Girls Gift Caricature

Gift For Boss Who Loves Golfing

A caricature gift for the boss of Regency Steel Asia (RCA). His staff requested their warehouse to be drawn in the background with their logo and a bit of green for the boss to swing his club.

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