This client requested for a very specific design of how they wanted their caricature to look like:

— is sitting on top of the Singapore Airlines airplane heading west around the globe with (wife) and (2-year old daughter) sitting inside the plane looking out the windows. Ed has a parachute on, which happens to be a copy of the RICS red book (image link) and he is holding on to rolled up Straits Times newspaper. On the Asia side of the globe are all the grand, luxury hotels (Raffles Hotel, Fullerton Hotel, etc.) with young, attractive colleagues (aka ‘babes’)  waving goodbye. – (male, young, tall, skinny Asian, rectangle glasses, skinny pants, skinny tie) is standing nearby holding up a takeaway cup of kopi-o kosong for — to take with him. On the Europe side of the globe are all the economy hotels (Travelodge, Premier Inn, etc.) with older, white, grumpy colleagues –(m), Jon (m), — (m), — (m) and — (m) welcoming him back to London. Over the Asia side, we would want a happy smiling sun, while over London we would want a grumpy grey rain cloud. Attached to the tail of the plane by its cord is a black computer keyboard.


It would be great if we could have a few landmarks for Singapore (MBS, shiny MRT train, green parks) and London (Big Ben, old tube trains, London bridge).


We also need one young lady (Asian, dark hair, very prim and proper, well dressed) running behind a plane, carrying a poster above her head that says “YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE ONE”


We would also like to have a witch (short, slightly chubby, old-looking, grandma glasses, Asian, shoulder length curly hair, slouchy) on the Asia side stirring a cauldron with a skinny assistant (skinny, grey hair, glasses, Asian, long slender face, short).