What would you give someone who has everything? How about a caricature?

Our CEO and Deputy CEO are retiring soon. We would like to present them each with a farewell gift. The wonderful caricatures you make, seem to be perfect for the job.


This email has photos of Mr—- widely known as “Bing”. He is from the Philippines, short and small built, but of a towering stature, a living legend in our industry.


—- (our boss) suggested that we try and work in his passion for golf, and the possibility that he may well retire on an idyllic island in the Philippines.


The second set of pictures is of Mr —-. He has a known passion for cigars. He is reputed to be hard as they come, but most fair in his treatment of issues and events. He too is a bit of a legend in our world.


We naturally look forward to your suggestions at all times. Please let us know how to move further on this.