Ever wanted to feel like you’re part of a movie poster? That was the inspiration for this digital painted caricature!



I had attached the photos of my boss as well the pictures of the rest of my colleagues. There are 3 pax who are not in both group shots, so I’ve attached their head shot instead.

Some instructions on the layout of the 17 pax:

1. Boss to be in middle of first row with this arms crossed.

2. Andrew is not in any of the group photos, but he is the 2nd-in command, so he should be closest to the boss. 

3. From the group photo, the orange arrows point to the section heads, so they should be close to the boss too. 

4. Those without arrows can be anywhere

5. Those with green arrows should be furthest away from the boss.

6. In case it is required, my boss’s and andrew’s rank is ME6, the section heads are ME5. Those without arrows are ME4.