Here was in interesting request, the customer wanted a birthday caricature of her friend with her favourite K-pop idol!


Hi Kamal, 

I need your expertise in this field of imagination. I would like a drawing of my friend (Stated in the pictures attached) along with her favourite kpop star Jessica (You can google more photos of her haha). 
But i would also like you to include the red alfa-romeo convertible car in it as she really likes the car. It would be nice if you could draw the logo of the brand too.
I would also like to include something memorable in the picture such that once she sees it, she will know that it was a gift for her 21st birthday.
Unfortunately, my imagination is the size of a pea. And i could really use your help in suggesting some ideas for me! 🙂
So in summary, i hope the things below could be fulfilled.
1) Her being drawn with Jessica
2) Red convertible alfa-romeo car
3) 21st Birthday theme?
Do let me know how much this would cost too! 
Hope to hear you soon 🙂