Customer requested for two caricatures as presents for her son and his best friend:

Brief on — caricature:
1. —- wears glasses.
2. Please give — a nice big smile.
3. Brazil football gear for —-.
4. Action – kicking a football with passion. (he is right-handed)
5. Background – Perhaps football stadium or something atmospheric.
6. No need to put any birthday messages.
Brief on —- caricature:
1. — should wear French football gear.
2. —- likes his hair longish so please take reference from photos with longer hair.
3. — has fairer skin tone than —.
4. Action – with football again, perhaps slightly different from —-.  Would be helpful if they are kicking towards opposite directions so that I could, if needed,  combine both graphics together in print and they will look like they are kicking towards each other or —- could be a goalie?  What do you think?
5. Background – stadium or goalie