The Japanese chapter of International Society of Caricature Artists hosted the 2014 Asian Minicon in Nagoya from 11 to 14 February 2014. Four of our artists: Kamal, Ruoshi, Ramzul and Elson braved the coldest winter in years at the Central Japan International Airport Centrair. The new addition to this year event is the retail competition held in the mall which got a lot of public interest for the assembly of the world’s finest caricaturists. Asian caricature artists and some from around the world assembled in Japan to compete for the best caricaturists award in different categories from best artist, most exaggerated, very innovative technique, outstanding colouring, fastest drawing, impeccable likeness and even most sellable caricaturist in a real retail situation. The awards are for recognising excellence in caricature practice and inspire caricature art to greater heights.

Overall it was an awesome experience with lots of learning and making new friends among caricature professionals from around the world. Best of all… Next year’s ISCA Minicon will be held in Singapore 1-4th June 2015!