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Category Training

Strong and powerful as the tankers

Muscular hunks lifting the weight

Gym buddies motivates each other to a healthy lifestyle.

Lift The Happiness And Continue Shinning

Farewell to gym colleague

Appreciation Gift to Major of Military Police For Valuable Contributions

Thank you gift to major for the guidance and contributions.

Walking And Paddling Down Strong

A leader will back us no matter what the circumstances is.

Appreciation Gift To Senior Lieutenant Colonel

Thank you to SLTC for the contribution in NDP  

Appreciation Gift For Military Expert


Appreciation Gift To Lieutenant Colonel For His Dedication

SAF Navy farewell gift to Lieutenant  for his guidance leadership and friendship

To The Man Who Makes A Different Farewell Gift

Farewell gift to head leader who been running around guiding everyone.  

Gift Sketch Tall Hockey Player Amuse By Juniors And Spore Landmarks

A gift to a special friend who loves for hockey, bikes and respectable by others,

Running To Healthy Lifestyle

Let music companies you to healthy living  

Farewell Gift To Dedicated SAF Lieutenant Colonel

Appreciation gift to Lieutenant Colonel, for his dedicated services

Cartoon of SAF Platoon Army Boys

A road to remember, thank you Army boys for your dedication….

A Farewell gift at HTA Tower

A gift for an AMWAY guest speaker from South Korea.

They are a couple from South Korea who came as a speaker of AMWAY products. Here they are featured as triathlons, strong, energetic, powerful and sexy… all the positive vibes one could plainly see. The drawing depicts that they are… Continue Reading →

ISCA Japan MiniCon in Nagoya 2014

The Japanese chapter of International Society of Caricature Artists hosted the 2014 Asian Minicon in Nagoya from 11 to 14 February 2014. Four of our artists: Kamal, Ruoshi, Ramzul and Elson braved the coldest winter in years at the Central Japan International Airport Centrair. The new… Continue Reading →

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