Dear Kamal,

 We would like you to draw a caricature portrait of our colleague, Tom Zerull, as he will be relocating back from Singapore to our head office in Chicago.

It will be in color and A3 size with frame.  We would like you to deliver to our office on Monday, June 16.


Job Title: Regional Compliance Director

–          His picture is attached.

–          xxxx is an avid marathon runner

–          He led our company in taking part in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in July 2014 which was held in Singapore          

–          You can draw him in a marathon jersey.  He looks very energetic and jubilant!

–          Put the following logo prominently somewhere on the portrait.

–          Please put the JP Morgan logo on the winning banner. 

–          Being a Compliance Director, he has these missions for his team to achieve so you put him thinking or strategizing the 3 goals:  SIMPLY, CUSTOMIZE, KNOW THE BUSINESS !

Please call me if you have any questions.