Express service requested by one of the staff for a Boss leaving in a short notice. The more details you provide, the better we draw:

I would like to make some requests on how the drawing is to look like.


  • ·        Beach
  • ·        Beach Umbrellas
  • ·        Deckchairs
  • ·        Merlion (Singapore icon)
  • ·        Wakeboard stuck standing in the sand


1.      Him wearing a hat/cap saying “Out of Control…ling”

2.      Him wearing a Singlet saying “To-Do List:     Nothing” (with a checkbox and tick next to the word)

3.      Footprints from his flip flops, two biggest one saying “Bring Beer” & the other “Follow me” (photo attached in word doc)

4.      Boardshorts

5.      Flip Flops

6.      His favourite Mug

7.      Beer bottle

8.      7 girls (G) 4 guys (B) chasing after him, waving their hands wildly

Initials to be on their t-shirts

G1: PL, G2: WW, G3: MN, G4: SL, G5: EL, G6: LC, G7: ST, B1: AB, B2: TT, B3: LB, B4: MN

 Speechbubble phrases:

  • ·        Meh!!~~~
  • ·        CAN ??!!
  • ·        WHATeverrr….