We are happy to receive a compliment:
“Hi Kamal’s Artshop,
Great thanks for your help! It is indeed a nice piece of work! You have helped us to capture the most memorable moments for us in a perfect setting! We can’t thank you enough!”

This couple forgot to have this pose on one of the memorable event that happened last year. This is what they requested.

The attached (picture 1) is a signature pose and we have this pose (the “love shape” pose) wherever we go for holiday. Another attached (picture 2) is the most memorable event that happen last year, and we forgot to have this pose. We hope to have this pose (in picture 1) for the memorable event (in picture 2) with just the 2 of us and the background shall be the tricycle filled with balloons. I have included a close up shot – the attached (picture 3).