Valentine Day Gift Caricatures – Couple On a Scooter with Puppy

February is approaching which explains why we are drawing a lot of couples lately. A caricature drawing really is a good Valentine day gift. You will continue to enjoy it long after the roses has withered, the chocolate has melted or past its expiry date and what’s left of that posh candlelight dinner was just a fleeting memory… but you’ll still have this funny drawing on your wall to laugh at together and we wish your relationship last till old age and by that time this original piece of art could be worth millions so you can bequeath it to your descendants if your CPF don’t quite make it (sorry I got carried away, I’ve been eating expired chocolates it seems).

But be warned! Do not get a caricature gift if one or both of you lack the humility to laugh at your own appearance. This gift option is only for the cool people who can imagine funny ideas for an original gift. 😀

Wooahhh… before you get all excited about barging into our studio to demand for an on-the-spot treatment, please note that we draw from photographs and standard order is completed in 7 days. Off course we have other options so please call 6297 8313 to discuss with Ms Suhailah if you have any question.

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