Triathlon Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

Our regular customer have decided to do another caricature for a 40th birthday.  As well as doing for his wife ,we  also did one for his friend  which he said was great.

As described by our customer:

“He is turning 40 in a fortnight and I wanted to get another print that we can turn into a card and poster.¬†I have attached some photos of him for you to give you a sense.

In terms of the context to put him in…

1.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Can we get him in a triathlon suit ‚Äď tight lycra like the one he is wearing in the photo.

2.       There should be a bike somewhere in the background ….  I have attached an image of what it should look like.

3.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†He loves Apple products and so we would love to have him holding, or elsewhere in the picture so combination of an iphone,¬† and ipad,¬† and an Apple Mac PC.¬†¬† More than 1 ipad is great if you can find a way to fit it in.¬†¬† Depending how big his body is,¬†¬† his triathlon suit should either have an Apple logo (attached) or the words ‚Äúmac > pc‚ÄĚ like the image of the t-shirt below.

4.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†If you have any other space at all to include more stuff,¬† the other things he loves are Grey Goose Vodka, with limes in a tall glass‚Ķ. ¬† “

The Venerable – Gift Caricature Drawing

Another regular customer of us, yet again ordered a gift caricature drawing for her Venerable.

As describe, the Venerable is a very funny guy, in order to make them understand better he uses ‘singlish’. He laughs ¬†a lot¬†and will claps his¬†¬†hands once and laugh when he is saying something really funny.

C&BA Soocer Guy – Gift Caricature Drawing

  Details given by the colleague:

1) Footballer with a football and with spectators behind

2) Blue Jersey (similar to Chelsea team)

3) Team Logo (upper right of Jersey) 

4) Sponsor logo on center of Jersey:¬†C & BA”

5) Shorts with No. 25

6) Football design is with¬†word:¬†EMEA”

7) Spectators shouting these words:

– Delivery

– Tax Pack



– Z Analysis

C&BA Office – Gift Caricature Drawing

Details given by the colleague:

  • ¬†Accountant¬†at¬†his desk
  • in blue checks long-sleeved¬†shirt (best with a Fred Perry logo on the left pocket
  • two computer monitors¬†(side by side), with a mouse and keyboard
  • must have a¬†calculator, pens,¬†a stapler, a highlighter (orange color), a B5 notebook¬†(yellow color),¬†a calendar, a desk phone, a¬†name tag written as “Jerry¬†Ng”¬†
  • [MAIN CONTENT]¬†a printer with lots of papers printing out¬†(papers can be exaggerated to all¬†over the surroundings)¬†, and a whole stack of papers¬†on desk¬†
  • Various headers for the printed papers: (priority in ascending order)
    -GAAP ID [0000, 0002, 0004]
  • Banner at top of drawing: “#1 Journal Poster 2010”
  • Message¬†at¬†bottom of¬†drawing:¬†¬†Thank you for being such¬†a¬†wonderful¬†colleague.. We’re gonna¬†miss you!
  • Sign-off: C&BA

Farewell Gift Group Caricature Drawing for Bank Executives

You see these ‘Ducks’ all the time in the financial district of Singapore. They’re amphibious military landing craft modified for civilian use to take tourists around the city and cruise the scenic bay area. So we thought we used this theme for a farewell gift and the customers love it.

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