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A farewell gift for best director.

A thank you present for the awesome boss, for the dedication to the team and company. With her favourite dog who is always by her side.

Christmas Gift

Farewell Gift

Anniversary Gift for this lovely couple and their beloved dog

Farewell gift

A unique way of flying from Singapore to USA.

Birthday gift for dad

Gift for a friend who always makes fun of the dog

Adding a bit of cuteness to the gift

Caricature gift for a couple and pet in the park setting

Caricature gift for adventurous and sporty family

Simple B&W Caricatures of a Korean family

Where the love begins… A gift for loving couple

Birthday Caricature for the Adorable Queen Who just Turned 1!

Forget the princess, be the QUEEN. (haha I love that.) Hi, Our little gal’s 1st birthday is coming up on the 19th of October and we would love to have a caricature of her displayed at her birthday party. Would… Continue Reading →

Sports Caricature of Soccer Boss

A lovely client wanted something awesome for her boss’s farewell gift. She requested ; ” I need a caricature done for my boss who is leaving the company on the 9th of December. She is a soccer fan. The other things… Continue Reading →

Caricature Of A Girl Holding A Cup of Coffee

A caricature of a girl  in a sexy tight shirt and mini shorts wearing a blue heeled shoes, holding a cup of coffee with  a special requirement of adding her golden retriever into the artwork.

Birthday Gift for Cousin

Client sent us pictures of cousins when they were young. Remembering childhood days.

Wedding Couple Caricature With A Dog

A wedding caricature of a couple holding their dog with  Eiffle  tower, Paris as the background.

Lady loves her dog – Gift Caricature Drawing

A birthday gift caricature from a dad portraying his daughter with her favourite dog. Like they said, ‘ Dog is a man’s bestfriend!’

Valentine Day Gift Caricatures – Couple On a Scooter with Puppy

February is approaching which explains why we are drawing a lot of couples lately. A caricature drawing really is a good Valentine day gift. You will continue to enjoy it long after the roses has withered, the chocolate has melted… Continue Reading →

Muffin Loving Dog Caricature

Wedding Couple With Their Pet Dog Caricatured

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