Wedding Couple With Their Pet Dog Caricatured

2 thoughts on “Wedding Couple With Their Pet Dog Caricatured

  1. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for visiting me virtually. Its recession here like everywhere else. Work is slower these days but people do have to get married still. BTW congratulations on marrying off your son. I don’t know if hotel rates in Singapore is a good indicator of the recession. I think it all depends on what type of hotels you’re looking at. The higher ends may have reduced their price but the lower end is already low before the recession.
    We are still offering digital, just that its our premium service as it takes longer than that of markers, so not many takers.



  2. Hey Kamal – good to see you staying busy my friend.
    The recession’s not biting in Singapore yet, can’t be I’ve been checking the hotel rates !!
    Keep up the good work – have you given the digital stuff away ?

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