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Caricature Wedding Gift for Jet-setters

Client request to express the things the couple friend love doing together, the lady holding a hookah and the man holding a cricket bat as they are sitting on an aeroplane, they are leaving Singapore.

S-League Referee Gift Caricature Drawing

Soccer must have been his favourite sport or being a referee must have been the birthday boy passion. Our customer have requested a caricature drawing of her friend for a birthday gift. A complete dress up in a referee attire,… Continue Reading →

Birthday Moment for a Best Friend

Client’s brief: This caricature is for my best friend’s 33rd birthday.  We both met when we were 11 years old and have been best friends for 22 years since.  Would like to incorporate the numbers 11,22,33 into the drawing. Birthday… Continue Reading →

Its Time For Christmas Caricature Gifts

This is a group caricature for six brothers and sisters. The lady that ordered this said that for someone who already has everything, a caricature is all she could think of as a christmas present. One of the lady has… Continue Reading →

Caricature for Nokia Executive as Farewell Gift.

He is giving up the rat-race and going back to Serawak for the simpler life. We drew him becoming an Iban warrior doing the warrior dance on a longhouse bamboo floor and tossing away his laptop. The Ibans are a… Continue Reading →

Gift For Boss Who Loves Golfing

A caricature gift for the boss of Regency Steel Asia (RCA). His staff requested their warehouse to be drawn in the background with their logo and a bit of green for the boss to swing his club.

Wedding Couple With Their Pet Dog Caricatured

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