Customer requested for a Spartan caricature to be presented as a gift!


Hi Anna,
The general idea I have in mind is as follows, but will entrust the creativity aspects of the product to your professionalism.
(1) 1 x full body character (photos attached) in the attire of a spartan, holding shield and spear – colour marker type
(2) If possible, Include the chinese wordings (jpeg file named “banner words”) to be placed next to the spartan character (either vertical or horizontal, any position, no specific). Just in case needed for understanding, the words means “Military General (surname “He”) appointing his Soldiers”)  
(3) If possible to incorporate the logo (jpeg file named “logo”) in the Shield or as a background at the corner of the artwork. Please note the spelling errors to be corrected as noted in the photo. The wordings of “Logistics Planning Branch”, and “Serve with Integrity, Dare to Believe” need not be in a circular pattern, no specific requirement.   
(4) as this is meant to be a gift, the photo are not of high resolution as are downloaded from facebook. Hope it suffice to do the drawing.