A caricature would be perfect gift for you to reminisce the the past.

Some background history on our this group of friends (Brothers) before you started off with your work.
We ‘re from STI (S’pore Technical Institute), major in Instrumentation & Control, in another words is same as VI ( Vocational Institute) and now it had change to ITE, sounds even better. We graduated in May1989 before enlisted to national services, and have been friends for more than 20 years. We treat one another with no discrimination and in fact we are like one big family.
The core of our friendship is our so call “Big Brother” or “Mentor”, —–, who put in a lot of effort bring our this group of friends together without fail. He gave us encouragement, gave us advise when we in doubt, organise trips and many more…
Because of the bond he show us, we would like to show our appreciation towards our Big Bro for all the attention and caring throughout those memorable and unforgettable years.
So, this is where you comes in. We would like you to help us draw something with a theme whereby by looking at it, it would bring us to those fun & loving, enjoyable memory during our school times. We are quite adventures type but not those extreme type. We likes fishing ( actually not all of us), soccer, beach volley ball, snorkeling (—& I, we can’t swim but still go for it), but the most enjoyable, is that we likes to gather around and talk cork but without sing song, with beers in our hands and play games like 5, 10. Those games whereby loser will drink.
Attach are the 11 pax photos with our names. If you need more information, please let me know. Or you can call me if its help you to understand us more. Your great work will be much appreciated. Thank you.