Customer requested for a farewell caricature for their boss,


  1. Subject to be standing


  1. Subject to be wearing white polo tee, khaki casual pants and the shoe (as attached)


  1. Subject’s left hand – spinning a normal orange colour basket ball, right hand – holding on to the decal


  1. Decal – the word ‘Security Agency Name’ to be changed to ‘—–’


  1. Background – please do not reflect the brand of beer


  1. Subject’s job title:           Police Licensing & Regulatory Department

                                              Operations Officer Audit

                                     Compliance Management & Audit Division

                                          2 April  2011 – 28 November 2014


  1. Farewell message:          You have always been… more of a friend, less of a colleague, more of a leader, less of a boss. Farewell.”