A group of friends going on an adventure with matching t-shirts!

Hi Anna,
Please give me a final quote for below requirement, for a 4 pax normal color marker
I intend to use this picture to print onto the t-shirt for our first BFF trip to BKK on 6-sep. This year is our 21st year of our friendship. We love to go for makan sessions after work (at least once a year as is usually difficult to meet every one timing, since all my BFF have family while I’m single. haha)
– is my sis and she is 2 years our senior in our Secondary School, – and – are my secondary school classmates. We know each other for 21 years. This Sep 2014 will be our first oversea trip, so I would like to surprise them with this┬ácaricature to be printed on the┬áT-shirt. Please use your creativity to help me. Thanks.
PS: let me know if any of the photos are not clear. Thanks.