“Received the caricature, very happy and delighted with the outcome, both of us love it very much, and thanks to Mr Kamal and yourself for the wonderful caricature of us.” This was the compliment given to us by our client who requested a caricature for her wedding.


I called a few days earlier about having a colour caricature done for my wedding and we have decide to do it. Was it told that it would be in A3 size, is that right?

I would like to order a colour caricature for my wedding on 26 October 2014. I would like us to be in our Malay Wedding outfit (See photo attached). The background showing the heartlands of Singapore example, HDB Flats. Attached are some of our photos for your reference.

I would like to add in a message:

Selamat Pengantin Baru

—– and —– or —– and —–

25&26 October 2014

Size – A3 with frame ?

For the gentleman, without the moustache. And much appreciate if the picture (pengantin lelaki dukung pengatin pompuan).

Greatly appreciate if you could quote us the price with/without delivery and mode of payment.

I can be contacted at ———.