Client has requested for a half body caricature:

Thank you for the reply and phone conversation earlier.

 I would like to confirm the order. Just to reconfirm the details of the A3 Caricature:

 1) A3 size caricature of a doctor with face and half body (Picture of Dr xxxx as attached)

– Would prefer that he is wearing a light blue surgical scrubs outfit

– No face mask covering face (can be pulled down to neck area)

– Smiling very reassuringly

– Name Tag saying :  Dr xxxx

2) Doctor xxxx should be facing us, holding on to a sample plastic knee joint with a metallic knee prosthesis in place (see attached picture) with one hand, and x ray of the knees with the other hand- (similar to your previous artwork as attached) 

3) Chinese characters in vertical alignment on the right of Dr xxxx
4) Sign off at the right bottom
With Heartfelt Gratitude,
xxxx and Family
5) Add on a picture frame
Would appreciate if you could let me know when the painting is ready for self collection. Thank you!