A wife getting a birthday gift for her husband had the following request:

Here are the details for the drawing with pictures attached for each scene.


1) 5-6 year old naughty kid slipping food from his plate into the
pages of a book in the house

2) 15 year old hot shot tennis player

3) nerdy college student balancing lots of books

4) in a nightclub dancing (22 year old), well dressed, losing some hair.

5) 30 year old, married with his wife in this scene, big smile on his
face  – background Hong Kong and a red Ferrari in the background

6) super dad. Balancing baby girl and diapers and milk bottle. Looking
happy and content.

7) scene where he is hugging his wife and daughter. His shirt should say ’40’

Tag line at the end : ‘Happy 40th birthday! It only gets better’

This was coloured digitally and cost the equivalent of a group caricature as there were many faces to be drawn.