Team-Building Group Caricature for Bankers in Various Themes

A bank requested for some funny drawings of their staff to be used as camp posters and printing on t-shirts for their corporate retreat. They have interesting group names and we suppose this should be for a fun event. We had fun drawing these though we had to camp in our studio to complete it in a week.
Arggghhhh the pirates eh mate! We took the liberty to give hooks for arms and wooden legs and all the great effects for a swash buckling pirate movie.
Peace… We love you man… This is the hippies team. We held back on our creativity as we were told to be mild. We would have drawn pot heads, marijuana and people have a swinging good time. Yeah baby… Behave… Yeah.
This a mean looking bunch of gangsta and sista. So we added ink, blings and all things knife plus automatic firearms applenty. Should scare any loan shark trying to open a bank account.
… and that was twenty years ago when they use to have a Disco at the Copacabana.

Cowboys and injuns… Yeeeehaw!
And the most chill of them all… the beach bums. We had in mind voluptuous bikini babes… but then again these are banker so it would not a believable drawing :).


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